11 Herbs & Spices: Brands That Embrace Their Personalities on Twitter

Earlier this week, Twitter user Edge (@edgette22) noticed something funny about KFC’s Twitter page that made headlines for the brand.

The quiet execution of this comical marketing strategy isn’t the first time that a brand has used Twitter to subvert traditional marketing efforts for a more playful strategy. Think back to Wendy’s always sassy Twitter responses, like this one:


Fast food companies aren’t the only brands establishing themselves as Twitter masters, check out these examples of brands showing off their personality on social media!

Netflix (@netflix)

The streaming giant knows what it’s target audience is thinking.

Taco Bell (@tacobell)

Taking senior portraits at Taco Bell has been a trend this year, and the brand took notice.

Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets)

Promoting their online ordering capabilities while disrupting everyone’s Tinder game.

Totino’s Pizza Rolls (@totinos)

Starting with the name of the account (Pete Zaroll) and the anthropomorphic pizza roll that personifies the account, this General Mills brand really brings the sass, especially when it comes to brand recognition.

Hamburger Helper (@helper)

Another General Mill’s brand, Hamburger Helper’s Twitter account has been in the news lately due to its quick-witted responses like this one:

DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza)

With a tagline like “It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno”, would you expect anything less than sassy tweets?

Old Spice (@OldSpice)

Never one to shy away from unconventional marketing and commercials, Old Spice continues that trend with their Twitter feed.


Innocent Drinks (@innocent)

This healthy smoothie/juice company based out of the UK has a Twitter feed filled with gems like this one below. What more could you ask for from a brand’s social media?

Moosejaw Mountaineering (@MoosejawMadness)

Self-described as “the most fun outdoor retailer on the planet”, Moosejaw’s Twitter is filled with funny quips like this one:

Have some more examples? Share them in the comments section below.



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