11 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Post Inspiration


The activity-ready camera brand’s page is as versatile as their cameras. From skydiving, to scuba diving, and surfing to snowboarding, GoPro’s showstopping photos and videos take you into another world where any adventure is possible.


The iconic athletic brand takes their “Just Do It” slogan to heart, showcasing photos and videos that prove not only what it means to be an athlete, but what it means to overcome.

Warby Parker

Do you need glasses, but have terrible flashbacks of being called four-eyes? Don’t worry, because with Warby Parker, wearing glasses is cool. Their retro themed images and iconic eyewear shapes make nerdy chic happen. Their home try-on is revolutionizing the industry, and for every pair purchased, a pair of glasses is donated to someone in need.


Sharpie was known for making permanent markers, but now they’re known for their artistic ability, versatility and ability to personalize anything, from backpacks, to journals, to graduation caps. Their posts are relevant to everyday happenings and show the brand in use by people thinking outside the box.


Coffee giant Starbucks’ social media is more than just holiday themed cups and pumpkin spiced lattes. Their posts have turned Starbucks into a lifestyle brand, showing how coffee, food and other brand products fit into your life.


Known for their build-it-yourself furniture, the Swedish home retailer’s Instagram is full of more than just individual pieces. Design tips and ideas, before and after room makeovers and contests fill this page with color, aesthetically pleasing images, and lots of inspiration.


Creator of Photoshop, Illustrator and more, Adobe’s page posts great examples of content created with their products, showing how each can be used to create eye catching and exciting work.


This modeling clay isn’t just for kids anymore. See what everyone is creating with the colorful compound and even take note of how brands like Jeep and Nesquik use Playdoh to advertise their brands. Let creativity flow and see what Playdoh can do.

National Geographic

Already world renowned for their incredible photographs, what better way for National Geographic to expand their audience than by using Instagram? From nature to the many facets of human civilization, National Geographic is the pinnacle of world vision.


Celebrity cameos, colorful photos and a focus on fashion are key for the H&M brand’s page. The page description calls out the purpose of the page as beauty and fashion inspiration, and the photos do inspire, though absolutely for a specific demographic and lifestyle.


Coworking spaces company WeWork posts images that speak to the brand’s slogan: “Make a life, not just a living.” Showing off the different locations, types of work and people that use WeWork spaces, your world view can grow just be seeing the possibilities these spaces provide.



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