Earbuds that Can Translate Foreign Languages in Real-time

A new startup called Waverly Labs, an innovative consumer electronics company created in 2014, claims a “smart” earpiece will reportedly be the world’s first gadget to translate between two users speaking different languages in real-time. The creators say it’s “intended for the Traveller, International Professional and Digital Nomad.” The earpiece, dubbed the Pilot, is shaped […]

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7 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram for Business

Many companies jumping on the Instagram bandwagon do so without taking the time to figure out what makes Instagram unique. These people almost always make the same mistakes. When companies make these mistakes, it makes them look like amateurs on Instagram. Wouldn’t you rather want come across professional and familiar with Instagram. To do this, […]

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Game-changing Marketing Moments of 2016

This year has been rather transformative for marketing. As customer behaviors and attitudes continue to evolve right along with the advent of technology, marketers remain under tremendous amount of pressure to launch effective campaigns, and quickly. So, with that in mind, let us reflect on the past few months and see how it can help […]

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