Google’s Tango Goes Beyond Augmented Reality

  Google is well-known for working on highly exploratory products and services. From internet-carrying balloons to cars that drive themselves, and everything in between. One such innovation is Tango, developed by a team led by computer scientist Johnny Lee, a core contributor to Microsoft‘s Kinect, which is part of the same ATAP division that’s currently […]

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How the Internet of Things Affects Responsive Design

While design can be hard to quantify as an investment, responsive web design has literally paid off for some companies. For example, when Walmart Canada implemented a responsive web design to their website, they increased conversions by 20% and mobile orders by a whopping 98%. Similarly, according to Mobile Marketer, Kia uses their responsive websites […]

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20 Tips on How to Repurpose Content

Creating high quality content is a highly important aspect, not only for gaining high ranks but firstly for making users or readers happy. Yet, we all know that running a blog with constant valuable and high quality content might sometimes be difficult as it is a resource-consuming process. You sometimes don’t want (or don’t have […]

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