How Your Business Can Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd, and many cities, companies, and individuals are thinking of ways to be a little more environmentally friendly. You can use these simple ideas to save the planet (and some money) all year, not just on Earth Day, and they are easy to implement at work and at […]

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Marketing Trend: Omni-Channel Marketing

Marketing is ever evolving, and consumers’ paths to purchasing are no longer as linear as they once were. Because marketers need to adapt to a changing climate, new techniques are constantly developed. Omni-Channel marketing is one such strategy that businesses are using to keep up with the trend of keeping things as simple as possible. […]

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The Fall of Facebook?: the Aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook has been heavily profiled in the news lately, due to a massive questioning of how users’ data is handled, after political data firm Cambridge Analytica had access to over 50 million Facebook users’ private data, which was, in turn, able to use the data in their work for the Trump campaign in 2016. The […]

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