5 Steps To Land Your Job Using Social Media

Social media is no longer the space of selfies and like counts. Social media has now infused itself into everyday life, even in the professional world. Today finding a job, changing careers or even starting a business can happen on social media. Here are 5 steps to getting hired via social media!

Your Social Brand
Just like prepping for an interview or sprucing up your resume, that same preparation needs to be placed in social branding. Find a clear, personable and professional voice. Create a presence that showcases your true self, but… in a light that is most appealing to potential employers.

Interact Online
After creating your persona it’s time to participate. Research your intended market and get involved in conversations that include the industry and those already working in it.

Job Search
After, and while continuing to participate in relevant conversations start your job search. Nearly all companies these days involve social media at least in some part in their hiring process. Be it via LinkedIn, Facebook’s new application portal, or even answering cold calls over Twitter start applying across the board.

Make Connections
Social media is also a quick and efficient way of networking. Reach out directly to those you’ve met in real life or via the internet in a personal yet professional way. Thanks to social media converting connections into relationships has become as simple as sliding into someone’s direct messages.

Real Life Transition
Lastly, all of the social media expertise won’t do any good if those skills don’t translate into real life. Be sure to continue honing skills such as well done resume and well prepared interviews.

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