6 Free Tools To Improve Your Marketing

Marketing tools can be expensive, so when you find a good one that works and it’s free you’ve really hit the jackpot. These are some favorite tools that will help you to improve your marketing without breaking the bank!


If you use social media as part of your marketing strategy, take control of all of your pages in one place. Schedule posts, post to all of your pages from one central dashboard, and use all of Buffer’s other tools to create and share beautiful and effective content.


If Buffer isn’t for you, Hootsuite is a great alternative. Free for your first three profiles, you can schedule, share, create ad campaigns and find insights and analytics all together on the Hootsuite control panel.


Without design experience it can be difficult to create imagery that really shines. With Canva’s features you can edit, add text, and add fun elements to your photos, as well as create framework for websites, create badges or nametags, and handle tons of other design needs.

Google Analytics

The internet giant does just about everything, and when it comes to analytics, Google is the standard. See the whole picture of how your brand is doing. Gain an overall understanding of your audience and how they access what you do. APIs, data importing and new data collection,  complete with many more customizable features give you the tools you need to understand the results you are getting.


If you are looking for a place to publish blogs and don’t want to build out an entire website, head over to Medium. With tons of writers and topics, it’s not only a great place to read and learn, but an excellent way to get more attention on your posts and start gathering up an even bigger audience. The interface is easy to use, which means that your pieces don’t get lost in the shuffle.


Infographics are one of the best ways to boost your engagement is to make infographics that your audience cares about. In fact, infographics are liked and shared three times more than any other content. But if you aren’t a designer, it can be difficult to create an infographic that looks great and holds all of your information. Piktochart’s user friendly interface helps you organize, design and make your infographics look as professional as possible.



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