6 Popular Peer To Peer Money Exchange Services

In this day and age having cash on hand is a rarity. Almost all payments are done electronically through credit cards, bank transfers and now peer to peer transfers. Peer to peer transfers have made waves over the last few years, and these are some of the most popular apps!

This mix of social network and money exchange service has hit it big with millennials. One is able to pay family and friends simply through their email or phone number.

One of the biggest business money services now has free peer to peer transfers. Paypal, arguably one of the biggest names in the market has been having a difficult time contending with new companies that have been able to reach the millennial audience.

Square Cash:
Square helps small to medium sized businesses accept electronic payments, they now help friends and family make direct payments to each other. One of the simplest apps available, it’s a fan favorite.

Google Wallet:
One of the only ways to send money via email, the Google option also allows one to send money through the app and via their online.

Facebook Messenger:
Facebook has been inching its way into every facet of life over the last several years. You are now able to send money to your friends and family right on Facebook messenger. No new app necessary.

Another mash up of social media and money transfers is SnapCash. Sending money on the app known for dog face filters and festive hot dogs might seem a little odd, but it’s doing well in the younger millennial market.

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