7 Tips For Time Management

Time management: The ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work.
We might all know what time management means by definition, but still can’t seem to implement it in our day to day lives. These seven tips give you concrete advice on how to manage your time like a pro!

Make a plan. Start small. Take breaks. Decluttering doesn’t have to be done all at once. Feel free to take your time and work your way up. Take it a desk drawer, or shoebox at a time.

Stay Organized
This is a two-pronged approach. Getting organized and then staying organized. Always easier said than done, but it can be done. Recognize that it’s an ongoing continuum and keep at it.

List out all tasks and obligations and rank them. Be it by time restrictions, career demands, or personal goals, knowing what and when things need to be done is key. Create a calendar and work your way through tasks in order of priority.

Plan. Plan. Stick with the plan. Having a plan doesn’t mean you have to stick to it on every detail. Having a plan gives you the ability to break down your time in segments, allowing you to track the things that are done, in progress and yet to be completed. It gives you to opportunity properly prepare for things down the pipeline and gives the small victory of being able to check things off as they are completed.

Be Effective
Life and work aren’t a race. Being the most efficient is overrated, strive for being the most effective. It’s not about how many singular tasks get finished, although that is important, it’s about how much progress has been made to meet goals you’ve set for yourself. Quality over quantity, but quantity is still important.

Stop Procrastinating
We have all fallen victim to putting things off, especially those things we deem difficult or time-consuming. Avoid this trap at all costs. Start tasks as soon as you need to. Consult your plan, make sure to stick with it, taking breaks if you need to. Just start!

Finish The Job
Starting and never finishing tasks is a killer of great time management. Unfinished tasks can quickly pile up, and sometimes even impede the process of other tasks and projects. All started tasks need to be completed unless canceled altogether.

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