Acesse Las Vegas Conference 2012 Wrap Up

We just got back from the Access Las Vegas Conference 2012, and it was an Incredible 4 day event. Many thanks to all the Acesse Leaders, who came from all around the world, to share this time with us.


We heard great presentations from Steve Renner, Founder, Bob Kinsella, President, Amy Ayd, CFO, James Wong, CTO, Peter Wold, Corporate Counsel, Jonathan Neil, Operations Manager, Cher Clancy, Marketing and Events Manager, Annie Zhang, Black Diamond III., and many of our great Team Leaders.

The Focus of the Conference was on the New Acesse, a Members Business Search Engine, with new updates and improvements to our Advertising Platform. Updates including the AdView System, with superior Keyword and Geo-Targeting, the new Banner Creator, new Budgeting and Scheduling Features plus the introduction of the New Mobile ads.

Another major announcement was our new advertising Partnership with Yahoo.

The big hit of the conference was the New Product Introduction:

  • Mobile Site Builder
  • Web Site Builder
  • Business Listings
    • Coupons
    • Group Coupon Deals
    • Event Listings
    • Classified Ad Listings

As a Members Business Search Engine, Acesse Customers / Members will get Priority Listings for their Ads in the Search Results, above the organic results.

With the introduction of the new Products and Services gives an opportunity for Consultants to earn even Bigger Commissions, on the sales directly to Customers.

We will also introduce to an exciting new Re-Design of Acesse, the Members homepage, and a new simple, easy, logical system for Registration, Product Purchase, and the Advertising Platform.

The Access Las Vegas Conference 2012 was a great success. We are looking forward to next year, and seeing many more new Members attend. We will have a complete video of the event, posted in the next 2 weeks.

Watch for announcements on our next upcoming Acesse Conferences to be held in Asia, and Russia. (Dates To Be Announced).


  1. Helen Wright
    Helen Wright 26 December, 2012, 08:41

    Nice post am vert happy that Acesse Customers / Members will get Priority Listings for their Ads in the Search Results. thank you

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