Acesse Las Vegas Conference 2012


Acesse Corporation is pleased to announce the upcoming event in Las Vegas, November 26-29, 2012. It will be hosted at the exciting Tropicana Hotel.

Acesse will be celebrating a fantastic year in Sales, and presenting its latest Technology in Online Advertising, and other Internet Services.

Acesse is expecting it’s top Sales and Marketing leaders from around the world to attend. The Conference will be 2 full days, from Tuesday November 27th and Wednesday November 28th, at the Hotel, and one day of fun activities, on Thursday November 29th.

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner will be provided all 3 days,  plus a special showing Tuesday night at the exciting Cirque De Soleil, KA , and a special Farewell Party Wednesday night.

Acesse Marketing Members are expected to arrive on Monday, registration begins Tuesday morning at 8:00 am. This should be an exceptional show, and a good time for all those who attend.

Special Guest Speakers will be:

  • Bob Kinsella, President
  • Amy Ayd, CFO
  • James Wong, CTO
  • Jonathan Neil, Operations Manager
  • Peter Wold, Corporate Council

And, a very special guest appearance by Steve Renner, Founder

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to attend the:


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  1. Joan Obrien
    Joan Obrien 3 December, 2012, 05:43

    Can anyone share how the conference went? Acesse in Las Vegas sounds exiting. Thanks for sharing the article with us.

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  2. Elizabeth Benson
    Elizabeth Benson 4 December, 2012, 00:01

    Tropicana Hotel. The conference couldn’t find a better place! It’s amazing there. I wish I could be one of the Acesse members. I’d love to hear about the latest news on technology and online advertising.

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