Acesse Search Expands Service

Acesse Search, The Business Search Engine, is expanding it’s Services. In it evolution Acesse has always been focused on serving the Small Business market. With the new service, Acesse Members will get Priority Listing in the Search Results.  They will also have other opportunities to interact with their Customers, through the Classified Ad Service, Coupon / Deals service as well as the new Acesse Mobile Services.



New Acesse Search Home Page

Acesse Search provides a “World Of Opportunity” for Small Business owners to connect with customers, on a local level. The big driver for this is the Acesse Local Business Listings. Acesse will provide Members 4 Levels of Service.

  1. Basic Business Listing
  2. Priority Business Listing
  3. Small Business Listing
  4. Professional Business Listing

Each Level comes with More Features. Acesse Business Listings can be bundled with other Services to Add Value to the Customers. Business Listings will be Marketed through Independent Marketing Consultants.

For more information about this, and other new Acesse Search Services go to Acesse.Com


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