Back to Basics: Content Marketing

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Part One: The Start of the Content Marketing Journey

First of all, what is content marketing?

The answers are all over the map. Basically, content marketing—a buzz term that’s been surfacing online, on podcasts, in videos, and all over social media for a while now—acts as the driving voice behind your brand. Content marketing is an umbrella term covering a lot of ground, but, essentially, it refers to the creation and sharing of valuable content aiming at conversion and returning customers. Unlike traditional copywriting, which uses headlines and email campaigns to drive traffic, content marketing utilizes more interactive means—blogs, podcasts, video, and social media. Working together, copywriting and content marketing can work wonders for your ROI.

The goals of effective copywriting + content marketing are simple:

  • Get customers to subscribe to/follow your content
  • Get customers to share your content

The more often you accomplish these goals, the bigger your digital footprint and brand awareness will become.

But effective copywriting + content marketing strategies don’t happen overnight.

Effective content marketing starts with, well, a piece of effective content. This content touches upon a number of things, including the interests of your target demographic, the identity of your brand, and your tailored approach to your particular field. If you sell websites, for example, this piece of effective content will reach out to an audience in need of a website (or, more likely, a better website), bolster the identity or vibe of your brand, and spread the awareness of your company’s unique approach to building—and selling—websites.

So, what is an effective piece of content?

You know it when you see it, because it speaks to you. This communication happens on a few different levels: One, it tells you what you want to hear; two, it reveals something about the brand’s identity/personality/aesthetic; three, it shows just how unique this particular company is. Commercials, white pages, blog posts. These can all be very effective in communicating who your company is, what they do, and who they do it for.

Effective content marketing:

  • Looks good (design)
  • Speaks to the audience (target demo)
  • Makes a connection (shows them what they need/gives them what they’re looking for)

This is the start of the content marketing journey. Next time, we’ll get the wheels turning!