Best Marketing Apps for Small Business

Larger enterprises have the luxury of having several hands on deck helping with different aspects like marketing or sales. However, we all know that small business owners wear different hats, sometimes all of the hats. In order to streamline processes for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners here is a list of free easy to use apps to help with online marketing.


Asana is a platform designed to help businesses track work from projects, to conversations, to diversified notification types. The app is a dream for all the multitasking entrepreneurs that delegate or need to delegate work with their team. Streamlined processes and transparent work flow are some favorite features.

Google (Docs/Messenger)

Google Docs is a one of the most efficient ways for teams to share content. From slides, spreadsheets, documents, email and messenger Google is the one stop shop. Business partners and employees can collaborate and chat all in real time.

Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook is currently one of the biggest and cheapest ways to market your business online. Having a business page that is active and engaged is imperative for your business. The Facebook app is a simple and convenient way for keeping on top of scheduled posts, and answering direct messages from customers in a timely manner.


Twitter has been having a pretty tumultuous time in the social media realm but don’t let that deter you. One of the fastest ways to go viral, easiest ways to be engaged with your audience, and staying in touch with current events is still Twitter. The app is one of the easiest to use with great UI/UX and a small learning curve.


LinkedIn is the place to be especially if you run a B2B business. Although it can be difficult to reach an outside market, and despite ads being a bit pricey, LinkedIn is one of the most reputable social media platforms. It brings a large sense of legitimacy, and can help you find targeted leads. The app can have a bit of a learning curve but is manageable after a few uses.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms right now. In the past few years they have added features that include business pages, live video sharing, and simple searchability. It’s a great place to showcase company branding and culture all in a sleek and clean app that’s extremely user friendly.


Fiverr is for all the entrepreneurs that sometimes need to outsource some duties. It’s an amazing marketplace to find nearly every kind of serve for your business for literally any price range. The website and app can be a little confusing to maneuver at first, as there are quite a few moving parts, but it’s well worth it.


Canva is made to help all the design challenged entrepreneurs create practical, aesthetically pleasing and professional looking images for social content, print material or email blasts. Canva has created templates for beginners and opened up a platform with enough artistic freedoms to those with a better understanding of design, or those who want to to learn.


MailChimp is one of the world’s largest email marketing services. Email marketing is still considered one of the top tools in the marketing world, and MailChimp makes the process of sending out those campaigns easier than ever. With an easy to navigate website and app, Email marketing is made accessible even for beginners.


Mashable is one of my favorite websites for keeping your ear to the ground as it relates to all things business, tech, social media, popular culture and where they all collide. Keeping up with the times is a great way to stay ahead of popular trends, find curated content and stay engaged with your customers.



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