Build a Better Team: Team Building Activities For An Improved Team Dynamic

Do you want to improve office morale and employee motivation as well as build teams that function more productively, with active communication and trust? Team building may be the way to go. Gone are the days of goofy games that were designed to foster “natural” strengthening of a team, and in their place are activities that can actively change how your teams work together.

Escape Room

Work together to solve a puzzle, beat a timer and escape a situation, whether it’s a zombie, a nuclear bomb or stealing a priceless painting. These rooms are all the rage right now for families, friends and corporate events.

Ropes Courses

Face your fears and overcome these obstacle courses! From ziplining to climbing, these courses are often physically and mentally challenging.

Battle of the Bands (or Air Bands)

If you have a lot of musical talent in your team host a battle of the bands. Break into small groups and host a performance for the rest of the company or even for family and friends.

If you have a lack of musicians, host a battle of the air bands! Break into groups and lipsync, play air instruments and put on your dream concert. For both options, costumes and props can be encouraged.

Mini Golf

Challenge your team to a game of mini golf and foster some friendly competition. This is something that can be done year-round, at either an indoor and outdoor course, and many courses also feature other activities that can make for a whole day of entertainment.

Trivia Night

Trivia is a great way to learn about different non work related knowledge your co-workers have. Many restaurants are now offering weekly trivia nights, so if your team is up for evening activities this is a great option, but if this isn’t a possibility, set-up office trivia in a way that works for your team. Whether it’s one weekly question that gets posted on a whiteboard, or lunchtime trivial pursuit games, this is a great break and lets everyone’s talents shine.

Community Service

Do some good in the neighborhood and get involved with volunteering. From working with organizations like Feed My Starving Children, or Habitat for Humanity to adopting a roadway and doing a monthly garbage pickup, volunteering makes you feel good and brings your team together.

Canoeing or Kayaking

Physical activity and working towards a mutual goal are all ways that you can build a functional team. Try placing some competition in with a race and see how well team members function together.

One Night a Werewolf

This strategy based card game is app moderated, so everyone can participate. For groups of 3 to 10 people, you must work together in your secretly given roles to discover who the werewolf terrorizing your fictional village is.  No game is ever the same, so each round makes everyone work to be heard, and even more importantly: believed innocent.


Perhaps the easiest way to foster positive team relationships is simply to host a lunch, dinner or happy hour event. Food and drinks are a natural way to encourage conversation, bonding and learning about the people you work with.



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