Vero: The “New Instagram”?

Social media platforms come and go as we have seen with Yik Yak, Bebo, Vine, and Ello. But there is a platform making waves right now that many are calling the “new Instagram”.  Vero was launched in 2015, and the app is quickly gaining popularity, recently seeing a flood of users starting to download and […]

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Essential Guide to Instagram for Business

Instagram is a valuable marketing tool for any business, which many marketers have known since the app was released. We’ve seen brands leverage the community to build their influence and brand awareness as well as increasing sales. But in early 2016, a new feature was released just for these businesses. Instagram for business allows marketers […]

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2017 Podcast Highlights

Podcasts are a cultural phenomenon that cover everything from pop culture to business practices. 2017 has been a great year for Podcasts, especially in the human interest and culture verticals. These are some of the highlights for content this year. S-Town From American Public Media, who produced Serial, S-Town is a complex human story about […]

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