Heavy-Hitting Digital Marketing Trends 2016: Part Two

  Part Two: The (Near) Future Is Now Digital trends typically change so gradually that we don’t fully realize it until we’re holding the change in our hands. For example, in 2016 the number of smartphone users worldwide is predicted to reach 2.08 billion. That’s a pretty significant chunk of the global population as a […]

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Heavy-Hitting Digital Marketing Trends 2016: Part One

Part One: The (Near) Future of Digital Marketing Staying up on the digital marketing trends can be difficult. It’s a rapidly changing landscape driven by consumer momentum, and it’s evolving by the minute. Today’s Facebook could be tomorrow’s Myspace (well, not really, but you get the idea). In other words, the digital marketing trends statistics […]

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Five Steps to Creating Shareable Content

Social media likes are one thing—and, in their own way, likes are a type of currency. But shares are where it’s at; a share will organically generate outreach for your post. One person shares a blog or social media post, and then another, and another. This happens behind the scenes, building brand awareness, expanding your […]

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