Measure Your Mobile App With Google Analytics

An obvious trend in the way we share ideas, collaborate and play is mobile. Mobile fluency is a skill that is a requirement for every marketer as well as developer and entrepreneur. And a large part of that, is of course measurement—a meta skill for everyone in tech. Just like the rapid expansion of websites […]

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Earbuds that Can Translate Foreign Languages in Real-time

A new startup called Waverly Labs, an innovative consumer electronics company created in 2014, claims a “smart” earpiece will reportedly be the world’s first gadget to translate between two users speaking different languages in real-time. The creators say it’s “intended for the Traveller, International Professional and Digital Nomad.” The earpiece, dubbed the Pilot, is shaped […]

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Amazon Drones: The Future of Delivery

For the past five years Amazon has been diligently researching and developing it’s ambitious Prime Air plan. The plan, a 30-minute delivery service using drone technology may sound far fetched, but the reality may be a lot closer than you think. One stumbling block for the plan is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stipulation that […]

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