Happy Birthday, Bitcoin!

gold bitcoin "coins" on table

Ten years ago today, Satoshi Nakamoto published the founding text for Bitcoin, in a nine-page academic style paper. This paper led to Bitcoin transactions coming true in early 2009, changing the concept of what a financial asset really is.   In ten years, Bitcoin has completely shattered expectations, going from a fluke way to pay […]

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Workplace Wellness Tips

illustration of a woman looking stressed, meditating and then looking calm and collected

As the Minnesota winters and flu season continue to draw closer, wellness in the workplace deserves a closer look. This goes beyond staying healthy, though, and looks into employee relationships, mental health and physical well-being. Happy and healthy employees can bolster productivity, decrease turnover and keep healthcare costs low. A wellness plan can help you […]

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Tech Radar- The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency can’t just be stored in your pocketbook, which is why having a cryptocurrency wallet is important for those mining or buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. There are four types of crypto wallets: hardware, software, mobile, and web. For security’s sake, hardware and software wallets are generally more secure, mostly because if a mobile […]

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Tech Radar: Blockchain Explained

Blockchain is the building block and underlying technology for cryptocurrency and other digital properties. Blockchain technology allows for the secure transactions and decentralization of these digital currencies and properties, as every transaction is recorded into a ledger or database that is publicized. How does this technology work? Let’s begin with the basics. The Components of […]

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How To Create a Business Plan

Starting a business is an exciting thing, and if done right, can be life-changing. But there are key steps that must be taken in order to give your potential business the best chance for success. At the top of this list is having a business plan. What is a business plan? Hubspot’s definition of a […]

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and More. An Introduction to Cryptocurrency

In 2008 a new currency was revealed to the world. Satoshi Nakamoto published a research paper that outlined a design for a digital currency called Bitcoin. The revelation solved one of the internet’s biggest questions, how to create digital money. Recently you may have seen that Bitcoin values are rising and falling at amazing rates, […]

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5 Rebranding Fails

Rebranding any company can be tricky business, and there is no guarantee you will always get it right. These five companies are proof of that. Check out some of the most hated, most ridiculously expensive, and most cringe-worthy rebranded and redesigned looks in recent branding history. Tropicana Orange Juice- Underestimating brand loyalists In 2009, Tropicana […]

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