Content Curation For Beginners

In the day and age of “Content is King” creating all your own fresh, relevant and engaging content can be very overwhelming if not often impossible. This is why content curation is a great way to share powerful content created by industry experts and thought leaders. Sifting through the black hole that is the internet to find that perfect blog or video to share with your audience can be a daunting task, here are some options to make it a little easier!

Google Alerts

By far the easiest way to find content is to have it sent to you directly. Google has the “Google Alerts” option where you can set keywords you’re interested in receiving notifications on. Every time new content is created be it an article, blog or webpage Google sends you an email.

Social Media

You can get content from your audience directly via social media. Using Twitter’s List option and searching through relevant hashtags is a great start. Although this is a “roll your sleeves up” method, that can be tedious and time consuming, it can often be the fastest and most cost efficient.


Having a way to save and organize your newly found content can be invaluable. Pocket gives you that option, save its button directly to your browser and start saving relevant content. Pocket also gives you the option of organizing by tags for easy future reference.


Newsletters and email blasts can be annoying to some, but for curators they’re shoe in. Getting on the mailing lists of some of your favorite publications is a great idea especially for those short on time. Most companies do daily or weekly recaps of their blogs, making it easy to sift through more content in a shorter period of time and pick up on what you may have missed through the other social listening tools.

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