Coworking Spaces: The Future of Global Business?

Coworking spaces are starting to become more common throughout major cities, especially in places that are considered tech hubs, or that are home to many small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.

COCO (Minneapolis/St Paul)

COCO has five locations throughout the twin cities, and is part of LexC, a network of coworking spaces throughout the US. Offering spaces for individuals, small groups or larger meetings, the amenities that are available make these spaces comfortable, workable and great for networking.

WeWork (Worldwide)

WeWork has spaces all over the US, Europe, South America as well as in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Australia, and Israel. Started in 2010, community was the focus behind WeWork. The company hosts camps, parties and on location amenities dedicated to creating connections with others in the space.

Betahaus (Berlin, Barcelona, Hamburg, Sofia)

These European coworking spaces were founded in 2009. Many of the members of the coworking spaces are freelancers. Betahaus hopes to bring the social aspect to people that work in jobs that are usually isolated. Different types of memberships are available depending on the amenities that you need to access.

Punspace (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

With locations in Nimman and Tha Phae Gate, Punspace offers 24/7 access for members, with business focused amenities. For Thailand’s growing tourist market, Punspace’s coworking in Chiang Mai offers a beautiful and functional way to work.

KoHub (Koh Lanta, Thailand)

A coworking hub on a tropical island, KoHub allows for work and play in a productive and welcoming community. Just minutes from the beach, this getaway lets you enjoy island life while getting everything you need done.  KoHub even offers on location room and board packages for those looking to take a vacation even if work has to come along.

Hubud (Bali)

Hubud, named for being a Hub in Ubud promotes what they call “location independence” for people looking to work and live how they want. Partnering with global activist groups you can work, live and volunteer all from one central location. The founders of Hubud showcase four main values: community, connectivity, creativity and conversation.

Impact Hub (Worldwide)

Creating a global network of members attempting to change the face of the work space was Impact Hub’s goal from their beginning in 2005. With over 15,000 members and more than 80 locations in the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America and the Caribbean, Impact Hub offers inspiration, flexibility and community to their members. Events and programs to help members build their businesses are all offered to increase the collectivity within the environment.

What do you think of trend of coworking spaces? Do you or would you use them? Let me know in the comment section.



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