Everything You Need to Know About iOS 12

iPhone users are getting excited for the impending release of the iOS 12 update. iOS 12 is not a huge departure from iOS 11, but it does include many new features that can change how you use your iPhone. Most people will have access to it in September, but you can download the pre-release software now to see some of these changes.


iPhone notifications have been a point of contention for some time because they would show up individually rather than grouped by the source. With iOS 12, notifications will now be grouped together by app and by topic, making it easier to dismiss notifications from the dock.


The iPhone X introduced animojis, but this goes a step beyond. Now you can create a personalized and animated emoji of yourself. (Think Samsung’s AR emoji) This feature is only available to iPhone X users.


Facetime will now support calls with up to 32 participants. This is a lot of people to keep track of, but one feature that may help is that the tile of whoever is talking will be the biggest on your screen.

Speed boosts for older phones

iOS 12 will improve the speed of older models of iPhone (like the iPhone 6+) for keyboard opening, camera opening and app launching.


Siri, though still not the most highly intelligent personal assistant available on the market, is getting smarter, and now allows for customizations to create series’ of actions when you say a specific command. Read more here to see how it works.

CarPlay customization

If your car supports CarPlay, you can now choose between Google Maps and Waze for navigation, rather than just having to use Apple Maps.

Apple Books

Previously known as iBooks, the Apple reading platform has gotten a facelift and has been renamed  Apple Books.

Animoji additions

Still exclusive to the iPhone X, iOS will introduce more options for Animojis including the T-Rex, koala, tiger, and ghost.

Do Not Disturb at Bedtime

This feature turns off notifications at night so that you can answer a call or check the time without notifications popping up and interrupting your nighttime relaxation and sleep.

Screen Time

A new set of tools called Screen Time tracks your usage and allows you to set time limits for different apps, schedule breaks from screens, and see how much time you’re spending on your phone or iPad.

iMessage changes

In iMessage, you will now be able to add stickers and filters along with other added actions to make messaging more interactive.

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