Examples Of Great Influencer Marketing

In my last post I discussed influencer marketing and its importance to the marketing strategy of businesses, especially in the age of social media and digital marketing. This post will focus on examples of influencer marketing campaigns that I think stand above the rest, and have the numbers to show for it as well!

Nick Offerman and Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky: My Tales of Whisky Holiday Edition: Nick Offerman’s Yule Log

This campaign started with Nick Offerman’s character on the popular NBC show Parks and Recreation and the character’s particular affection for Lagavulin Whisky. Offerman, the creative team of Parks, and Lagavulin had teamed up previously to create the My Tales of Whisky video series. The success of the original series led to the the holiday edition, a hilariously executed 45 minute one shot take of Offerman sipping whisky by a fire in total silence.


The video was released exclusively in a 3 minute version, then publicly in its 45 minute entirety, and then on Christmas Eve Day, due to incredibly high demand, a 10 hour version was released. Yule Log trended on social media almost immediately, earned 840 million impressions, increased YouTube channel subscribers and viewers.

Chanel New York Fashion Week #newchanel5

97% of fall 2016’s NYFW’s social media interactions occurred on Instagram. Fashion giant Chanel was garnering excitement for the release of their new fragrance, all through influencer marketing. By reaching out to top influencers on the photo sharing site, over 9 million impressions were made, with a branded hashtag (#newchanel5) used on more than 1,600 images. A top influencer in this campaign Jessica Mercedes Kirschner (@jemerced) is known for a lavish lifestyle and fashion sense to match. Her post alone received 26.8k likes and more than 100 comments in the first month it was posted.

Visit Las Vegas and DJ Khaled

To launch their new Snapchat account @VisitLasVegas, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority brought on Snapchat influencer and the major key to the new account’s successful launch: DJ Khaled. Khaled toured around Vegas, showing his followers (he has 6 million of them) around his favorite spots of the city. The launch of the channel was on May 29th, 2016. After two days, the new channel clocked in at 25,000 new followers and 400,000 views. It’s no wonder why DJ Khaled is called “The King of Snapchat”

Jon Stewart and Arby’s

Jon Stewart was known for many things while on the Daily Show, and one of the gimmicks that he used often was making fun of Arby’s, bashing the products the brand puts out. But it didn’t seem like Arby’s minded. In fact, the banter between Stewart and Arby’s led to a highly successful influencer marketing campaign. When Stewart announced that he would be leaving the Daily Show, Arby’s sent this tweet:

Stewart brought up the tweet on his last day at the Daily Show and during a commercial break Arby’s aired their “Thank You For Being a Friend?” commercial and from there a great relationship was born.

Arby’s created two commercials starring Stewart, and even named a sandwich after him. Turning this critic into an influencer was both hilarious and effective.

Influencer marketing can happen in many ways, and certain strategies or campaign types won’t always be the right fit.  Try taking a look at different campaigns and trying to envision your business using these techniques with your influencers. Find what you can use for the best results or try something completely new. The possibilities with influencer marketing are endless!




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