ADX Labs Works to Fight Local Food Insecurity

ADX Labs, through our charitable arm the ADX Foundation, has been giving to support charitable needs all over the United States and the world, since 2013.

My goals for these charitable actions are to provide equitable help to those in need, especially children.

I am pleased to say that in June, ADX donated $90,000 to Minnesota’s Second Harvest Heartlandnon-profit, to fund meals for children and families facing food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because we are headquartered in Minneapolis, it was important to me to provide to our local communities. Before the COVID-19 crisis, one in eleven Minnesotans, including one in eight Minnesotan kids didn’t know where their next meal was coming from. Now, the scale of need is off the charts, and no child should ever be hungry.

Second Harvest Heartland’s CEO, Allison O’Toole said, “We are seeing a record demand for food, and it’s still growing. ADX’s donation comes at such an important time. As we move into the summer, ADX’s support helps us to help kids who are unable to get their school meals. We’re trying to ensure that kids don’t look back on summer 2020 as their hungriest summer ever.”

In 2019, Second Harvest Heartland fed 532,000 Minnesotans, with 97 million meals distributed. ADX based our decision to support Second Harvest Heartland on several factors, chief among which is the organization’s commitment to providing fresh, healthy produce.

More than 65% of meals distributed by Second Harvest Heartland are comprised of fresh, local produce. We want children to grow strong and healthy and to learn good habits so that they can raise the next generation of Minnesotans with confidence.

About Second Harvest Heartland 

Second Harvest Heartland believes no one should ever go hungry, as our region produces more than enough food for everyone. Helping hungry neighbors find their next meal—so they can thrive at work, in the classroom and in their communities—is what drives Second Harvest Heartland, its partners and supporters. Second Harvest Heartland brings more than 44 years of history and experience to the fight against hunger. Learn more at