Goodbye, Google+…This, and Other Google Products That Didn’t Make The Cut

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Google Pixel, Gmail, Android, Maps. These are all products that Google has put out that are incredibly popular, but not all of Google’s products are winners like these.

Google+, the long ill-fated social network that was created to be the next Facebook or LinkedIn, has officially been shut down. The announcement comes after a software glitch exposed hundreds of thousands of users’ personal profile data (though the data was not necessarily misused).

This shutdown is just the most recent of past product misses over the last 20 years. Here are some of the other newsworthy products that were put away throughout Google’s growth.

Google Glass

The dramatic futuristic shift to Google Glass soon became a punchline as consumers tore it apart for looking too nerdy, being too expensive and just missing the mark overall. Google Glass failed also because it had other major problems; including software issues and potential privacy and security threats.


Another attempt by Google to delve into social sites, Lively was a virtual worlds platform created for “users to be able to interact with their friends and express themselves online in new ways,” but the platform didn’t catch on with users and was shuttered in 2008.

Google Answers

Larry Page came up with the idea of Google Answers to expand the Google platform, and the project actually lasted a decent amount of time (over four years). Google Answers was the first project Google worked on but the ability to submit queries was shut down in 2006. Read about Google Answers here.

Google Wave

Originally designed to help users collaborate on documents and message, Wave was a more primitive version of the collaboration tools in Google Drive. The platform was ultimately too confusing for users and it was shut down in 2010.

Nexus Q

Poor reviews on tech blogs stopped the public release of this media streaming device that was announced in 2012. For a product introduced with a ton of fanfare, it had an extraordinarily short lifespan.

Google Health

Intended to be a wealth of information on topics regarding health and wellness, Google shut down this branch of information services when it’s impact was not as broad as it was initially expected to be.

Google Video

Google purchased YouTube in 2006, but before the acquisition, Google had its own video platform, Google Video, for streaming. Uploading to Google Video was stopped in 2009, and the two video platforms coexisted in the Google ecosystem until 2012 when Google Video was officially shut down.


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