Hacks to Increase Sales

Sales can make or break a business, and every good salesperson knows that sales goals can sometimes be hard to reach. These 8 hacks can help you to not only reach your goals but allow you to exceed them as well. Give them a shot!

Use Social Media

Leverage your audience with high-quality posts on social media. Native ads are advertisements that look like regular content and are shown to work because of how much they blend in. People looking at a page don’t always want to be overtly sold to, but try a few methods and see what works for you specifically. Even if you only get a few leads from social media, it may be an untapped market that you can break into.

Shorten Meetings

By cutting meetings down to the bare minimum of time that needs to be sent you maximize the use of time in your day. Instead of 30-minute meetings try 20, and instead of hour long meetings try 45 and use the leftover time to prep,  write up notes both for you and your sales prospect and document those notes in a CRM or other sales tracking tool.

Think In Doubles

If your sales goal was double what it is what would you be doing? If you have a definitive answer to this question then start doing this to reach your current goal. You may even surpass it without even thinking.

Update Your Sales Toolbox

Analyze the tools you are using right now. Any CRMs, outreach tools, or even email templates may have better versions, updates or even cheaper alternatives available that can keep overhead lowered.

Phone/Contact Organization

Outline your contacts in order of how you know them in your personal cell phone to avoid confusion. If applicable, your office phone or Rolodex can be organized under the same rules.  Or, use the following ideas for email organization for other contact methods as well!

Email Organization

Organize your inbox. Whether you create tabs like “cold calls” and “pipeline” or tabs for each specific account or person you speak to, having an inbox that flows and makes sense can help you remember more, be more involved in your communications and also frees up a lot of your time.

Risk Taking

Don’t be afraid to reach out to contacts that you might think are “out of your league”. You may end up landing a bigger account this way, simply because many others in your field may also be hesitant to reach out to these potential customers. Sometimes you catch bigger fish just by trying.

Continued Education

Always keep learning. It doesn’t have to be a formal degree, but keep up with trends, watch influencers and see what others are doing to become successful. You can read blogs, books, or web resources; attend seminars and classes,  listen to podcasts, watch videos or even surf social media and the web to see what others are doing.



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