How Mobile Apps Can Help Your Business: Part 3

Mobile Apps for your business Steve Renner

Part Three: Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Today, there’s an app for almost every conceivable need. Forgot where you parked your car? Carr Matey has you covered. Need to search the couch for loose change? Try Easy Metal Detector Lite. Want to cuddle a stranger in your area? There’s an app for that, unfortunately. By 2017, the mobile app market is projected to be a $77 billion industry.

So, does your business really need its own mobile app? Yes, and here’s why.

Get Noticed

Put simply, mobile apps offer customers another opportunity to view your brand. We spend a good portion of our day on our mobile devices, and if your app so much as gets noticed, you’re off to a good start. In order to get noticed, though, you’ll need a sleek, attention-grabbing icon.

Not only can a mobile app get your company noticed, it offers another opportunity for customer engagement. Mobile apps might be ubiquitous, but they’re also incredibly convenient. Engage with your customers in real-time and by location. This makes it easy to establish a back-and-forth rapport.

Give Notifications the Push They Deserve

Mobile apps accomplish many things: make company info readily available, provide prices, booking procedures, and more. But they also have the capabilities to send location-based push notifications, alerting customers of special offers and sales, promotions, events, and whatever else you’d like them to know. Push notifications get your company closer to directly interacting with customers, sending reminders about your products and services.

Style Meets Functionality

Brand awareness is one of the greatest benefits of a mobile app for your business. Consider your mobile app as your digital storefront; you can make it look any way you want—fun, minimal, stylish, funny. This gives customers and potential customers the very first impression of your brand identity.

Additionally, the more often you engage potential customers with your mobile app, the likelihood of converting them into actual customers increases. This is a form of effective frequency, but, like all things, too much is no good. Artfully toe the line between too often and not enough.

Build Customer Loyalty

Consider the mobile apps you regularly use. You probably feel pretty loyal to those. One of the most important reasons your business needs its own mobile app is to establish customer loyalty. Businesses are minimizing in order to monetize. The world is, literally, at the customer’s fingertips, and it should be your mission to capitalize on that fact. Mobile apps are, in their own way, personal and intimate—they’re carried around on our mobile devices constantly. Establishing a sincere connection with your customers will convert them into loyal and returning users. Think about it like this: mobile apps are a way to get—and stay—closer to your customers. Literally.

Stay tuned for more insider tips on how to improve your business!