How To Make Money Using Social Media

Having a social media presence is no longer something used just to connect with friends and family. In fact, many people are using social media to make money, both as individuals and for business purposes. This post contains ideas that can help you get started making the most of your social media profiles.


A sponsorship is when a brand pays you for the association of their product or service with you. Generally sponsored posts will be coming from social media influencers, so seeing the Kardashians posting on Instagram about beauty products, or golfer Jordan Spieth posting about products from Under Armour (Spieth has a 10-year long contract with the brand) is not uncommon, nor is it an out of reach goal for other influencers.


Different from a sponsorship, advertisements are a similar promotion of a product or service on your profile, but are generally not a main focus for your post. These appear as either video ads or as banner ads, on YouTube and other video platforms, and can even be embedded into your website. There are rarely long term relationships between where the ads come from and the influencer.

Product Promotions

If you’re a business you can use social media as a platform to sell your products or to garner interest and grow a following that will reroute traffic to your website or store  to purchase your products. This can also work for promoting services, a useful tactic for hair stylists, makeup artists, interior designers and more. Show your chops to your followers and start to see appointment times fill up.

YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program pairs channels with advertisers to put video and banner ads on the video. All content creators can apply to join the program, but in order to qualify for review your channel must reach 10,000 public views. See more guidelines here.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Partner for free with giant online retailer Amazon and advertise products on your website without needing third party approvals. You can then earn up to 10%in advertising fees on qualifying purchases. Learn more here.



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  • Social Media is really an important platform to make money.

    From reviewing the product to promoting the affiliate links, their are many ways to earn some handsome cash.
    But it requires lots of efforts and handwork to achieve this milestone.

    Amazon & Clickbank affiliate program are most reliable one and people are also earning money from YouTube Partner Program if you are good in front of camera and know how to attract the users through your videos.

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