How To Make Your Content Shareable

Anyone that works in marketing knows that shares on a post are a key component of determining its success;  shares organically generate attention, increase your reach and create an environment that is open for more likes. In a sort of domino effect,  a shared blog or social media post will be shared by one person, then another, and another yet after that continually. This sharing community can help build brand awareness organically, and all you have to do is create content that your audience wants to share.

To do this you must answer these questions: Who is your audience? Who is their audience? What type of content is being shared in this environment? Who do these audiences follow? Once you have the answers, you can begin to generate relevant content that your audience will want to share with theirs. Take some of the following points into consideration when creating content:


There are mountains of digital content available. Close to two million blog posts are written every day. Social media user numbers are increasing every day. Writers and social media users are constantly creating, sharing and liking content. It’s a climb to get your content noticed. A key to getting noticed is having an eye-catching title. To do this, start small. Have your general topic flushed out. From that topic, you can come up with a few more specific title options. These titles can also act as a guide so that your blog post can move in a more specific direction.

Now cut apart those titles to build out the title you’ll use. Test titles with bold, strong language against more conservative and direct titles, and compare. Choose a title that works for you, your content and your audience.


SEO is important to get initial traction. But trying too hard to optimize can make your titles and posts sound awkward and often robotic (also, Google doesn’t reward over optimization, and in some cases punishes it by ranking your posts lower). Remember, many potential readers are scanning titles, so in order to get them to take the next step and click-through to the full article, the title needs to be short, succinct, and specific. Keywords work better in searches when they’re placed at the beginning of a title. To include keywords that will work in your titles and posts, do a little research on your potential customer base: What are they searching for? What problems do they have and how can you solve them? Use keywords that prove your expertise and are relevant to your content.


It takes more than an exciting title and hook for a post to be truly shareable. Images, infographics, videos, charts and block quotes can shake up a text-based post. Deliver content that offers solutions to your readers’ problems in a creative way that can lead to shares and valuable comments.


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