How To Use Gifted Gadgets

This year was a big year for advances in technology, so you may have gotten the gift of a brand new gadget that you have no idea how to use or how to get the full potential out of. Here are some of this year’s biggest gifts and how you can use them.

Google Home

These home assistant speakers can be the first step into turning your home into a smart home. Google Assistant speaks to all of your internet enabled devices, plays music, uses Google’s wealth of information to help you answer almost any question, as well as give you updates for the things that you care about including weather, traffic reports and upcoming events. When combined with other smart devices (Nest, Chromecast, Hue by Phillips) you can have your google assistant turn off or turn down lights, change the temperature of your home or even change what is showing on your TV.

Amazon Echo/Echo Dot

Amazon’s home assistant speakers utilize Amazon’s Alexa to control your home. The Echo is a dedicated speaker, with top of the line audio quality, whereas the Echo Dot has all of the functionality, just with a smaller speaker, for those that may own a great sound system already. With these you can connect via bluetooth and play your music from any source.

Fully integrated with Amazon, you can order from Prime as well as track those orders, use other smart devices to control almost anything in your home, and even order an Uber or a pizza from Dominos.

Smart Watches

Every watch has different specs, but one thing is true for all of the newest smartwatches: the designs are becoming much more attractive. Let smartwatches control your phone, send messages and emails, play music, answer phone calls, report the weather, give you reports on the elements and even track your fitness.

Fitness Trackers

The ever popular FitBit and it’s many competitors are absolutely one of the more popular gifts over the last few years, so it may not be a surprise if you found one of these in your hands this year. With tons of different features and specs, different models fit different people based on the type of athletics pursued and how fashionable one wants to look while tracking steps, heart rate, sleep patterns and a multitude of other statistics.


Drone technology will continue to grow and change, but the current models do live up to the hype surrounding them. Take videos, photos, practice just flying around. Just make sure you know if there are FAA regulations surrounding the model of drone you have, as this can cause you to need to register your drone, or limit the areas where you are permitted to fly.



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