How Your Business Can Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd, and many cities, companies, and individuals are thinking of ways to be a little more environmentally friendly. You can use these simple ideas to save the planet (and some money) all year, not just on Earth Day, and they are easy to implement at work and at home.

Track your resources

Enroll in a utility management program that will track how much electricity, water, and gas your company uses and suggests ways you can drop your usage. This can help save the planet and your bottom line.

Make the switch from desktops to laptops

If you can, switching to a more energy efficient machine (laptops are generally more efficient) can help you lower your energy bill.

Increase sustainable efforts into your marketing strategies

Only use the paper marketing materials that are necessary to your campaign, printing more than you need increases waste, and takes up extra storage space. You may also consider converting from a traditionally print-based methodology to email, social media, and other digital tools.

Increase incentive to carpool, bike, or use public transportation

Make the jump to carpooling and ridesharing easier by setting up a matching program, this allows employees to find other commuters that share the same schedule and commute they may be unaware of. By offering perks like reduced rate parking, premium parking spots, subsidized metro passes and other incentives, you can garner more interest in the effort.

Adopt a highway or volunteer to clean up at a park

Increase community engagement while taking care of the environment and work to clean up in the neighborhood around your office. Whether you want to do this once as a volunteer opportunity or go the extra mile and committing to adopting a park or highway that you can maintain whenever you like or can.


Recycling is easy to implement and takes relatively little effort to adjust to. Make sure that if you are not in charge of your office space custodial services that recycling is an available service. If it is, there is likely a protocol to follow, and if there is not, you can create your own, which may require you to make arrangements for what to do with your recyclable materials.

Go paperless

With all of the tools for communication and organization, it’s easy to cut paper use down to a fraction of where your usage is, if not completely. College paper limits are an example of paper rationing that has seen some success in the last few years, allotting students a certain amount of pages per semester. Cut down your spending, and cut down fewer trees.

Turn off the lights

If your building has good natural light and you can work without overhead lights, consider leaving them off. If more light is necessary, try using smaller lamps for more targeted lighting that cuts back your usage.


  • I learned a lot about reading your content, through the observance of Earth Day, all the benefits of a business. It can improve the financial and financial aspects of the business. Thank you.

  • If your business has its own parking lot, you can set aside desirable parking spots for electric or hybrid vehicles. You can also install bike racks or electronic-vehicle charging stations to encourage alternative transportation. A desirable parking spot may not sway any of your customers into driving an eco-friendly vehicle, but it certainly shows that you take the environment seriously.

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