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You may notice I have been talking a lot about Twitter lately. If your not on Twitter yet, you need to get yourself an account. Twitter’s Micro Blogging platform is revolutionizing Online Communications.

Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with other like minded people, not just in the Internet Marketing circles, but in any area of interest or Niche. There are more and more Twitter Applications coming out all the time. Here are some Incredible Twitter Tools that will help you to expand your “Twitterverse“.

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Special thanks to Palin Ningthoujam from Mashable for this incredible source for Twitter Tools.

I really like Brabblr, and personaly use TwitterFeed to auto-post my Blog Posts to Twitter. Check out these Cool Tools and Enjoy!

– With Brabblr, you can post to all your micro

blogging services including Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Tumblr,

Jabber, Frazr, and more.

Autopostr – This service lets your friends in Twitter know

when you post a new picture on Flickr.

– With this service, you can send tweets to
Twitter from your cellphone without incurring SMS charges.

– Allows you to post private message to a group
of Twitter friends.

– You can add tags to your Twitter posts with this


– This service enables you to update Twitter, a
host of other micro blogging sites, and social networking sites
with one click.

– Need to share more than one link in a tweet?
LinkBunch puts together all the links and provides you one link
that you can share on Twitter. As you might have understood,
this can be used not just with Twitter, but also with emails,
IMs, SMS, etc.

– Helps you cover a conference live on Twitter.
Similar to liveblogging, only cooler.

– Post reviews on twitter accs and this service
will turn them into microformats.

– A service to post to your blog and
micro-blogging sites like Twitter through your mobile phone.

– A tool for Outlook that will send the latest
tweets from your friends as incoming email messages.

Post to Twitter anonymously.
If you really need to.

– Allows you to post your Flickr pictures to

Snitter – an Adobe AIR
based desktop client for Twitter compatible with Mac and
Windows. The Linux version is in testing.

– Twhirl is a popular desktop client based on Adobe AIR. It has
a lot of impressive features including multiple Twitter
accounts, connect to Friendfeed, post image to Twitpic, post to
Pownce and Jaiku simultaneously, and search using Tweetscan.

– This
service allows you to post files on Twitter. Files that can be
shared include .zip, .rar, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp3 and

Tweetr– an AIR based
Twitter client for MAC and PC. You can use this to send files
upto 100MB.

– posts your ebay listings to Twitter automatically.

– You can post videos to Twitter using this service
that lets you upload the vid to their site and then generates a
link to your video.

– You can tweet pictures, videos, and files using this service
publicly or privately among your friends on Twitter.

– Another neat way to post a picture on Twitter,
Facebook, or Picassa.

– You can add TweetChannel as your friend in
Twitter to help you channel your various posts.

– An useful service to schedule your Twitter
posts for the future.

– Share pictures on Twitter using Twitpic.

– You can tweet an audio recording to Twitter using
this new and popular service.

Twits Like Me
– You can use this service to find people on
Twitter who share your interests.

– This service allows you to post events from
your Google calendar to your Twitter accounts.

Twitter Feed
– This tool allows you to send your blog atom
or RSS feed to Twitter.

– Post an mp3 on Twitter using this service.

Twitteroo – This
is another popular desktop client for Twitter.

– Using this tool, you can tweet from Windows Live
Messenger and ICQ.

– This tool allows you to highlight snippets
of text from any webpage and send it to twitter. The url of the
page also gets converted into a tinyurl and gets included in
your tweet.

Twitter Reply
– With this tool, you can send your Twitter
updates on a secret email address, or through Windows Live
Messenger or ICQ.

– This desktop/web application also allows you
to post pictures on Twitter. Works on Mac as well.

– Allow you to post pictures on Twitter.


– This site provides you updates from the top
Twitter personalities. Yes, it took us a lot of tries to take a
screenshot without Scoble in it.

– TweetWire grabs the freshest links posted on
Twitter and displays them Yahoo News page style.

– Just like in your personal start pages, this
tool will allocate a box to each of the people you follow on a
single page and display their latest tweets.

– Twitterator enables you to follow a group of
people at one go.

Twitter Digest
– This tool allows you to subscribe to a
message stream from a Twitter user of a group of users on the
web or through an atom feed.

Alpha Twitter
This site provides you with
the top links on Twitter.


A Twitter search engine, lately shaping into
the leader of this space. You can run a RSS feed on your query
too and filter tweets by language.

Flaptor Twitter Search
A simple Twitter
search engine. You can get an RSS feed out of your search query
as well.

Another search tool for Twitter.

Tweet Scan
– This is a search engine for Twitter indexing
all the public messages on Twitter.

Twits Like Me
– This tool helps you find people on Twitter
who share your interests.

– A search engine for Twitter powered by Google

– Using this, you can search for multiple queries
on Twitter at one go.

– This also helps find people who share your
interests on Twitter. It brings our profiles who your current
friends are already following.


– TwitBuzz is a service that follows the links,
messages,and users on Twitter and displays them nicely on its
site Digg-style.

TweetBeep – Just like
Google Alerts, this service will send you an alert whenever your
set keyword is mentioned on Twitter or when somebody link to
your site.

– This service provides graphs of your Twitter
usage – tweets by day, top 5 words, top 5 links, and top

– Shows you the popular links that people are
posting in Twitter.

You can see your tweets
displayed by the hour of the day.

– Enter a Twitter ID and this tool will
display from where the people that particular person is
following are in a global map.

My Tweet Map
– This tool will show you the latest tweets
from your friends on a map.

– With Quotably, you can check out any Twitter
user’s conversations in a thread conversation style making it
easier to follow. Extremely useful.

– Just like Alexa, this site will allow to see
how many time a particular term has been used on Twitter, Digg,
MySpace, YouTube, and Flickr. You can add in multiple terms and
see bar graphs comparing the terms.

– An analytics service that provides
information about popular Twitter users and popular links.

– Tweetburner gives you click stats for the
links you posted in Twitter.

– You can use Twittermeter to see how
frequently a word has been used on Twitter. You can also compare
two or more words.

– Twemes follows Twitter public messages with particular tags to
build a meme around a topic.

– You can grab your Twitter stats including your
tweet timeline, tweet per month, and tweet per hour.

– With this, you can check how many time a
particular word appear on Twitter. You can compare upto five
words and see the results in bar graphs.

– This tool allows you to generate an RSS Feed
of a filtered list of tweets from a certain area.

– Displays popular topics on Twitter and those
people talking about that topic.

– This provides trends of what people are saying on
Twitter just like Google Trends does for internet search words.

– This tool displays the most recent public
updates in the last 12 hours.

– Allows you to compare any keywords used on
Twitter on through a graphical interface.

– This service tracks the most linked to urls on
Twitter and display them Digg-style.

– This service lists the audio tracks that have been
listed to and shared on Twitter.

iPhone and other mobile phone clients

Twitter for iPhone
Another Twitter client
for your iPhone.

This is an open source Twitter client for

Pocket Tweets
– A web based Twitter client for the iphone.

Twittai – A Java-based
Twitter client compatible with more than 200 kinds of mobile

– Twitter client for Windows Mobile. Not as cool as the iPhone
versions, but then again, what is?

– Send updates from your 30boxes calendar to your
mobile phone using Twitter.

TwitterFone – You
can update Twitter from your mobile phone using this service.

Stream videos from your mobile phone to Twitter using Qik.
Surprisingly, it works really well – try it out.


Crowd Status
View the status of your
friends on Twitter in a start-up page style.

– With this tool, you can track the questions you
ask on Twitter.

With this service, you can track
the books you are reading on Twitter.

– You can share your traffic report on
Commuterfeed using Twitter.

– This is a fun site that allows you to track people who owes
you beer or coffee using your Twitter account.

– FoodFeed is a micro blogging site
that you can use to post about your food habits through Twitter.

– Meditate by receiving chimes at
regular intervals from InnerTwitter.

– Allows you to write reviews of certain items on

– if you are not satisfied with your Twitter interface, you can
check out Hahlo to manage your Twitter account. It gives you a
separate profile page and the rest of the Twitter features in a
new look.

LoudTwitter – This
tool posts your Twitter posts on your blog. Hey, isn’t Twitter
supposed to be some kind of a blog, too? Now I’m confused.

My Tweeple
– Manage your friends and followers in Twitter on
a single web page.

– You can check out your presidential candidate’s
popularity on Twitter here.

Post Like a Pirate
– This tool allow you to convert your
post into pirate-speak before posting it to Twitter. I, however,
don’t need it, because I already speak like a pirate. Yarr!

– Quitter will help you how to use Twitter to quit
smoking. Bonus points for cool name.

– You can use this service to do all the silly
things on Twitter like roll a dice, flip a coin, deal cards, or
generate a random number.

– Sends out polls on Twitter that you can
participate on. As they say, you can never have too many polls.

– This is an useful service to get updates of your
shipment using Twitter. It supports FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL
tracking codes.

Twee60 – You can tweet
your Xbox live status with Twee60 automatically.

Twit2twit – Just like
Facebook Wall to Wall, this service enables you to view any two
Twitter users conversation via replies.

– This service allows you to praise your
friends in a special way on Twitter.

TwitResponse – Set up
your Twitter posts for the future.

– This is a 3D model of the earth displaying the
latest updates on Twitter across the globe. You can download the
tool as a screensaver.

Twitterfeed – Posts
your blog posts automatically to Twitter.

– When you follow TwitterMeThis, it will send
you a question randomly. If you are the first to answer that
question, then you get $5.

– TwitterSpy provides you a Google map on its
site. when you hover your mouse above certain locations on that
map, you get to see the latest public posts from that area.
Strangely addicting.

– This service tracks your Twitter messages and
rates them according to how many characters you messages are.
The closer to 140 characters they are, the higher you score.

– Create a word cloud from a public Twitter
stream using this service.

– Remember Facebook where you can poke, throw a
sheep, or hug a friend? Tweetgift enables you to do the same on

Another service that lets you do
Facebook-style pokes and slaps at friends.

– Based on Summize, this service collects Twitter
messages with words such as love, hate, think, believe, wish,
and feel and displays them on its site with automatic updates.

Tweet Clouds
Make a tag cloud from your
Twitter posts.

– You can create a group Twitter feed with

– You can find out which of your Twitter friends
know each other with this service.

– Mashup of Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce public timelines. You can
also post from its interface.

– You can participate on polls using Twitter
through Twitpoll.

Tweetshots – this
service allows you to take your Twitter posts to Tumblr, embed
in websites, or send over email.

– TwitterAnswers combines Twitter and Mosio,
so that you can send questions over Twitter and have them
answered by other people.

Twitter Census
– You can create surveys on Twitter using
this service.

Twitter Comic Book
– Enter your Twitter name, and this tool
will create a comic strip for you based on your latest tweets,
using Flickr pictures.

– A 3D globe of Twitter public timelines.

Twitter Karma
– This tool fetches your Twitter friends and
followers and displays them for you, letting you paginate
through them in a nicer way than you would on Twitter.

TwitterNotes – You can
create notes on TwitterNotes using Twitter and tagging your

– This site generates a mosaic of user icons
of those with a large number of followers on Twitter.

– If you have friends on Twitter who are
updating every 10 seconds and are irritating the hell out of
you, you can simply now snooze them away using this tool.

– Based on Summize, this tool show you the
associated words of two pair of words or names in a nice
spectrum layout.

– Twittertale records all the swearing you do on
Twitter and lists them down on its site. It also lists the top
swearers and the top 5 naughty words.

– Record your expenses using Twitter. You can also
use other mediums like email, SMS, IM, voice, etc.

Who Should I follow
– Find interesting people to follow on
Twitter using this tool.

Popular Userscripts

Twitter Blacklist
– This Greasemonkey script displays a big
red banner on Twitter profiles that are blacklisted at

Twitter Live Updater
– This one updates your Twitter pages
without refreshing the webpage on your browser.

Friendfeed Filters
– Allows you to create filters and groups
of friends on Friendfeed.

Friendfeed Twitter Client
– This create a ‘Also send this
comment as an @reply twitter’ option on the Friendfeed comment

Friendfeed Tiny URL Resolver
– Creates an inline preview of
the Twitter tinyurls displayed on your Friendfeed page. Click
the question mark displayed at the end of each tinyurl on the
Friendfeed page.

Firefox Addons

This addon allows you to write
more than 140 letters in your Twitter posts. The extra letters
will be saved offsite and link to it will be placed on Twitter.

– You can post the songs that you are listening
to currently on Twitter using this handy plugin. Don’t be
surprised if people start unfollowing you.

– Tweet your favorite sites when you bookmark
them on your browser using this addon. Don’t use it if you’re a
heavy bookmarker, or else you’ll annoy the hell out of everyone.

– Displays your friends’ public timelines on
your browser toolbar.

– A Twitter client for your Firefox sidebar.

– This addon allows you to tweet the current url
you are on on your browser.

– Twixxer is a Firefox addon that allows you to post
Twitter updates.

– This tool allows you to compare the ratio of the number of
people you follow to those who follow you. The higher the ratio,
the more Twitter heat you have.

Twitscoop – This
tool pulls out the words most used in Twitter every minute and
displays on its site.

Twitter Movie Reviews – You can review movies on Twitter using this
service. It contributes to a handy list of graded movies, great
when you need to quickly find

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