Influencer Marketing: Finding the Best Influencer for Your Brand

You know what influencer marketing is and you’ve seen some great campaigns, but how do you get started? And how do you choose the right influencer not only for a campaign but for your brand as a whole? It’s not an easy task, but it certainly can be done using these tactics:

Influencer Demographic

Influencers can fall into different categories just like businesses do. Mavrck says there are four basic types of influencers: celebrities and YouTube stars, business executives and journalists, semi-professional bloggers, and everyday consumers. Each influencer demographic brings a different benefit to the table, whether it’s impressions, engagement, or conversions. Understand what each demographic brings to the table and define your goals. This will help you choose the type of influencer that will help you achieve those goals.

Set Goals For The Campaign

What do you want your influencer marketing to achieve? Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Or to reach a certain number of post views and other more qualitative benchmarks? Keep in mind that an influencer is going to be creating the content, so the qualitative measurements are going to be your goals, not theirs. Their goal is to create engaging content for their audience that is on brand and will bring them return as well.  


Choose your influencer by how relevant their content is to the message or product you want to promote. Find influencers that match your brand and the products or services you provide. Form a relationship that is built to be mutually beneficial.

Check Post Frequency/Engagement

Once you’ve chosen some candidates, start seriously vetting them. Look at their follower counts, likes on posts, engagement from followers and engagement with their audience, as well as post frequency. Even if a page has a large amount of followers, if they only post once a month or less, they are not engaging their followers effectively, which will decrease your return. An influencer by definition should be posting frequently to prove their expertise. Generally across the board there are ideal frequencies to follow for peak social media success. Find an influencer that best fits your brand and is taking the right steps for success.


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