List Building Tips Video

I have created a new video to promote the launch of my new List Building Tips Newsletter. This Newsletter gives you cutting edge Email Marketing Strategies that will give you a clear advantage over your competition.

It is a short and simple video, the main purpose is 2 fold:

1) To Create Awareness for the newsletter and Generate Traffic

2) To get Search Engine Listings

List Building Tips Video
The video has been uploaded to Google and YouTube


Available exclusively through List-Pros

To Your Success!



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  1. Thanks Mr. Renner,

    This is Kenneth from houston, Texas… I can not wait to get started with the affiliate community and millionaire intensive training.

    Kenneth Williams

    Category: Pools of Sellers and Buyers…

    How Americas Real Estate Professional and Related Entities Are Increasing their Sales volume and Leveraging by 50-100%.

  2. Fantastic video.

    Give aways are a great way to get people to subscribe! I’m going to apply this technique to my site as well :)


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