Marketing Trend: Interactive Content

Content marketing is the bread and butter of any marketing strategy today, but with a huge influx of content, audiences are getting overwhelmed, with the average adult coming to an average of about 8 hours of screen time a day.

For successful content marketing you must break through the clutter of too much content so you can reach your target audience, but how? The answer comes in a not-so-simple answer: multiple types of content. In a recent post about User Generated Content (UGC), you learned about one form of content you can add to your arsenal, interactive content will be yet another added.

Defining Interactive Content

Interactive content is a cut and dry name for this trend, as it is defined as any type of content that the audience can interact with. This can be in any number of ways, but the key is that it forces the audience to do more than simply look at the content. These are some examples of interactive content that you can use for upcoming marketing campaigns.


One look at Buzzfeed and it is clear that there is a difference between the way that this “jack of all trades” site functions and similar sites like Mashable and Upworthy. Buzzfeed’s content ranges from pop culture to serious political news, but one of the top categories they have become renowned for is quizzes. A quiz can be funny, serious, or even an advertisement for a line of products. See an example of this here.


Video might be already the considered the most engaging form of content, but interactive video can put your video engagement on a different level. Think of interactive video as a “choose your own adventure” type of content. Check out this post for more about interactive video and other types of video to use in social media posts, and this post to see some examples of interactive videos for marketing.


Gamification in marketing has taken off in the last few years with huge companies taking note of successful campaigns and releasing their own gamified campaigns to promote their products. From offering “free” services for social shares, to actually creating a game; for example, Chipotle did this with the memory game launched with their “A Love Story” short film advertisement for real, healthy ingredients.

Content is key, so how will you break through the noise? Share your favorite content marketing techniques in a comment, on Twitter or on Facebook.



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