Marketing Trends To Notice In 2017

Every year it is important to take an inventory of your marketing strategy and see what you can be doing more of, doing better at, or even try out some new trends that may surprise you. This list is a compilation of strategies that may be familiar and some that may be new additions to your marketing toolbelt, but each will prove its importance in the coming year.

Mobile Marketing 

The major transition to mobile continues this year with an estimated amount of 4.77 billion mobile phone users in 2017; a number that increases substantially every year.  Mobile video, mobile optimized content, and complete mobile lifestyle integration is going to be the key to being on the top of your customers minds. With an increasing amount of abilities in every new wave of mobile releases, the opportunities to personalize, get immersive and expand your reach are there and waiting to be utilized.

Live Streaming

If you’re on Facebook or Instagram you have probably seen the notification that someone you know, or a brand you follow is doing a live video. The growth in popularity of live video is a great thing to take advantage of especially if you have the ability to use live content to showcase products, services, or even just to organically connect to your followers.

Virtual Reality/ Immersive Marketing

Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, 360 campaigns. These are all becoming more and more synonymous with marketing. Companies are showcasing their abilities in ways that were never before possible. Movie advertisements are allowing audiences to become one with the film, and gaming is on a new level of interaction. If you feel this could be useful and you haven’t yet tried to see the payoff, 2017 could be the year to do so.

Content Marketing

Once again this year, content is key. Find the most relevant and useful information for your followers and run with it. The face of your content will be ever changing however, so don’t mistake this for a one and done strategy. Plan to come back and evaluate your strategies, plan new content and customize it to the platform you are using, whether it is social media, VR, live content or content on your site, email blasts or print marketing.


Customer service question? Try implementing a chatbot right on your site to answer any questions that your customers may have when visiting your site. Increase engagement with what ends up being a 24/7 customer service representative. Chatbots are still in the very beginnings of their development, so don’t expect them to be the most knowledgeable resources or even have the ability to answer everything thrown their way.

Native Ads

Using native ads is a great way to integrate content and advertising. An organic approach to marketing,  generally ads look exactly like your content, are extremely targeted and exist to be informative, useful and bring attention to your business without breaking up what the user is seeing with obvious ads spread out within your content. This is sure to become one of the major ways to market this year.

Are you looking to update your marketing strategy? Share what changes you are making or how these trends have worked for you in the comments below.


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