Mobile App Revolution

Projected active mobile app users expected to exceed 1 Billion in 2013. That number is expected to double in the next few years. Currently users will spend over 100 billion minutes a month on Android and iOS mobile apps alone.

chart_mobile-app-usageMobile App Usage
Google has just announced 25 Billion Downloads on  the Google App Store, Google Play, a milestone that was met last spring by the Apple App Store.

Now Google Play claims to have 675,000 apps available for download. The Apple App Store claims 700,000 with 250,000 designed specifically for the iPad.

Apple still has the lions share of paid app downloads, studies suggest that Apple takes in 90% of all dollars paid for app downloads.

Mobile marketers should pay attention to these stats, as mobile apps are the future of online marketing. We predict that every business will eventually have their own mobile app, as they become the new business card.

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