Mobile Marketing Series

In this new Mobile Marketing Series we will be taking a look at mobile marketing strategy that can impact your business. It’s not a question of If you need a mobile marketing strategy, it’s when you are going to start, and the sooner the better.

Mobile DevicesMobile Devices

Mobile marketing provides a new and different kind of medium for communicating with
consumers: the mobile device. Not just limited to mobile phones, the Mobile Revolution, now includes many different devices, like iPhone, Android phones and Tablets.

Mobile devices, which are unique as the person who uses it, offer a different marketing medium in two fundamental ways:

  • It enables consumers to talk and provide information about the kinds of
    messages they want to receive  
  • It enables one-on-one communications with consumers, effectively
    individuals that are most likely to take action 

When consumers use their mobile devices to enroll in a service that provides them with
advertising of their choice, they voluntarily give information about themselves and the
messages they want to receive based upon their interests, wants and preferences. By
“opting-in”, these consumers are saying they are inclined to respond to mobile ads
consistent with their interests.

The future is mobile marketing on a local level, marketing directly to customers in their local area. Mobile users are expanding around the world, and businesses need to get serious about their mobile marketing.


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