More Than The CEO: Hidden Talents of Business Leaders

Recently, a video surfaced of Alibaba CEO Jack Ma performing for employees at a conference dressed as Michael Jackson. This is not the first time that he has done something like this either. In 2014 he sang songs from “Lion King” for his employees, and now he’s at it again, less than a month after his Jackson performance, surprising everyone once again with his singing performance at a music festival hosted by Alibaba. Check out his performance here.

Jack Ma isn’t the only business leader with hidden talents though, these big names in the business world have hobbies and talents that may surprise you!

Jack Dorsey: Botanical Illustration

After launching a failed business in the early 2000s, Twitter co-founder Dorsey took a break to study Botanical Illustration (scientific drawings of plant anatomy) In an interview with the New Yorker he said: “I really like any colony-based structure, where you have a strong dependence on a network.”

Warren Buffett: Ukulele

When he isn’t making headlines as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett enjoys spending time with his family and practicing his hidden talent: playing the ukulele. He’s been featured on NPR and has even toured with his son. You can read the story of his journey to ukulele success here.

Sergey Brin: Trapeze

Brin has lived an exciting life as a co-founder of Google, and some of that excitement is found in high adrenaline exercises such as gymnastics, skiing, skydiving, and trapeze. Check out this video to see him skydive to promote Google Glass in 2013.

Mark Zuckerberg: Mandarin, sustainable living and more

The Facebook mogul has taken on a new challenge every year, setting personal goals like running 365 miles in a year, visiting all 50 states, learning Mandarin, and getting into sustainable living by only eating meat that he has killed himself. This yearly goal setting is great for him, and you might want to consider it as well to unlock these benefits.

William Clay Ford Jr.: Taekwondo

The great-grandson of Henry Ford and Executive Chairman at Ford was called the “Buddha of Detroit” by the New York Times in 2000. His zen approach to life and focus on environmentally friendly living makes him a mindful leader. Ford can probably accredit this to his study of Taekwondo, a Korean self-defense practice in which he has received his black belt.


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