New Year Resolutions For Your Business

The holiday season is officially over, and it’s back to business as usual. But does it have to be? New Year’s is just another day on the calendar and away from the office, but it can also be a great reason to reevaluate if all the habits of the past year have really been working for you and your small business. Here are some hacks to try to give you an edge in the coming year.

Learn Something

It’s really a new age for education, from podcasts, online tutorials, to infographics, education is literally at the fingertips of anyone interested in learning, and often times free! Taking a little time to hone a skill, or learning new aspects of your market will prove invaluable.

Do Inventory

Survey, ask questions, do what you need to too know where you and your business stand with your customers, your associates and your employees. The new year is the perfect time reevaluate what needs your meeting and missing with the people that matter most.

Set Goals

The internet is full of statistics on the importance of goal setting. Having a clear and concise finish line with incremental benchmarks along the way make even the longest races seem manageable, it’s the same in business.


Do yourself and your employees a favor and automate all the services you can. There are businesses who have the sole purpose of automating processes and freeing up time for your employees to do more meaningful work. Try them.

Mix It Up

Make an effort to try something new once a month. Be it a new marketing strategy, company policy or otherwise. Take small calculated risks and see how they pan out. Often times even if they aren’t the “right” kind of change the bring a new and fresh perspective you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Self Care

Last but definitely not least make sure to fit in employee appreciation whenever you can. My company does a monthly birthday party, others do happy hours ect. Boosting employee morale and workplace satisfaction does wonders for productivity, innovation and company loyalty. The internet is full of statistics on it, check them out.

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