Pokémon Go Etiquette: The Dos and Donts

The sudden phenomenon that is Pokémon Go has already been noted as the most successful mobile game ever to hit the U.S. Since its debut on July 6th, the game boasts 21 million daily active users and has topped over 15 million downloads. According to IOS usage data, users are spending 33% more time on PG than Facebook and 46% more than Snapchat.

The app, for the uninitiated, is a virtual scavenger hunt, allowing users to hunt and capture over 151 different characters (Pokémon) on their phone using augmented reality. In other words, players are able to explore the real world with their smart phones using GPS signal. For millennials and new generations alike, the game is a fun, interactive activity to the beloved 90s franchise. A chance to “be the best like no one ever was.”

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Like its predecessors (Candy Crush, Game of War, Draw Something), Pokémon Go is highly addicting. Users are actually required to leave the comfort of their couches and venture out into the “unknown” that is their neighborhood in order to catch Pokémon. Players also have the ability to “battle” strangers in Pokégyms, collect prizes at various designated Poké stops (namely landmarks), and join together in teams. Mind blown? If you haven’t downloaded the app by now you probably will by the end of this post.

But however addicting the game can be, it’s important we remember our good manners and moral aptitude. For that reason, here is a list of Dos and Donts when playing Pokémon Go:

Do be a good sport. If you lose a battle, shake hands, not fists.

Do buy goods from businesses that are also Pokéstops or house wild Pokémon.

Don’t be intrusive with others. No one deserves bloodshed over a Pikachu.

Don’t play Pokémon Go in cemeteries, hospitals, memorials, synagogues, or churches, unless the Pokémon is extremely rare. Do be very quiet and respectable about it!

Do read the information provided at a Poké stop. You will learn new things about your surroundings.

Don’t run into the street and cause a traffic jam (or, worse, an accident).

Do only play Pokémon Go on your break at work. If you don’t have a job, how will you pay for all the data you’re using playing the game?

Don’t trespass!

Do explore your city. See where the game takes you and maybe even meet a few new friends.

Have you passed? Great! Now go out and catch ’em all!