SEO & Social Media Blogs to Follow

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Blogs are a great resource for insight into the tools and tactics you should be using, be it for standard business practices or for heavily segmented marketing strategies. These are some of the top blogs for SEO, social media marketing and content marketing.

Search Engine Round Table

This blog goes into the nitty-gritty, super fine details that make up a successful search marketing strategy.


SEMrush’s blog takes on SEO topics through a variety of focus points, from voice search to app development and all the other trends in the SEO world

Duct Tape Marketing

Ideal for small businesses, Duct Tape Marketing offers advice and strategies for using social media to grow your business tactfully.

Mari Smith

Heralded by many as “The Queen of Facebook” Mari Smith’s blog is filled with insights into how you can leverage Facebook to improve your social media marketing.

Rebekah Radice

The host of podcast “Brand Authority” and social media influencer Rebekah Radice shows her social media expertise in her blog that delves into solution based content to help marketers actually get what they want and need from social media.


Biznology delves into all types of SEO issues and solutions but has been focused on content marketing and SEO in recent days.

SEO Copywriting

Learn how to optimize your copy for SEO with the content on the SEO Copywriting blog. Outlining very detailed copywriting SEO practices, this blog is more detailed than many, on a subject that is very often overlooked.


RazorSocial’s blog consists of nine categories, from analytics and optimization to influencer marketing and social media. The broad content of this blog makes it a great resource for learning different skills and tools to perfect your marketing strategy.


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