Social Media For Business 2

Now that you’re familiar with the basic benefits of Social Media For Business, it’s time to dig even deeper into the question of “What can social media do to better your business?” See what else this multifaceted tool can do and start seeing results like:


Monitoring customer insights gives you an unfiltered view of what people think of your business, and this is only one small facet of the kind of customer insights that can come with social media. Through social listening you can gain valuable first hand knowledge about what your customers like, are interested in, and how they behave.


Strong brands have strong social media. Long past are the days where an updated blog with optimized titles and meta descriptions are enough for high rankings, the requirements for Google (and other search engines) search success is ever changing. SEO is the best way to capture traffic, and being active on social media can play a significant factor in creating a brand signal to search engines proving brand legitimacy and relevance.


Brand authority is nothing short of a commodity at this point in the social media game. When people want to compliment or complain about a business they often times turn to social media first. The more your brand name is talked about the more valuable it will seem to new and existing users. Interacting with your customers often, as well as reaching out to interacting with your industry’s influencers will help boost brand authority and create clout.


Social media is by far one of the smaller investments of both time and money that you can make in your business to generate traffic. As little as an hour a day on content and strategy can yield noticeable results. Even paid advertising (now available on nearly all major channels) is relatively inexpensive. Start small, figure out what works,  adjust accordingly and you’ll never have to fear going over budget.


The customer is always right. Right!? Well one thing for sure is that the customer always comes first. Every single customer interaction is a public display of your customer service skills. How efficiently do you deal with a customer tweeting their discontent? How gracefully do you thank a customer and hopefully interest them in another on of your products without coming off as greedy? Social media in its purest form is a communication channel, and has the ability to make your customers feel valued and appreciated not only because it’s good practice but also because prospective customers are watching!

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