Coworking Spaces: The Future of Global Business?

Coworking spaces are starting to become more common throughout major cities, especially in places that are considered tech hubs, or that are home to many small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. COCO (Minneapolis/St Paul) COCO has five locations throughout the twin cities, and is part of LexC, a network of coworking spaces throughout the US. Offering […]

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Great Super Bowl Ads of the Past (And What We Can Expect To See This Year)

For Americans the Super Bowl means many things. Football, food, parties, and to many in marketing: the release of commercials. Super Bowl ads are one of the top spending categories for many businesses, and this year is topping the charts with one 30-second commercial costing $5 million USD. So before the big game on Sunday, […]

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Top Ten Email Marketing Secrets: Part 3

A Five-Part Series on How to Use Email Marketing for Your Business Part 3: Getting Creative & Strength in Numbers Welcome back to another installment of our Five-Part Series on How to Use Email Marketing for Your Business. At this point, we’ve discussed the effectiveness of personalized emails (from a person to a person), using […]

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