Examples Of Great Influencer Marketing

In my last post I discussed influencer marketing and its importance to the marketing strategy of businesses, especially in the age of social media and digital marketing. This post will focus on examples of influencer marketing campaigns that I think stand above the rest, and have the numbers to show for it as well! Nick […]

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Defining Influencer Marketing

Everyone that has any experience in marketing has heard that one of the key techniques to gaining good press and becoming an authority in any vertical is gaining influencer support through influencer marketing. But what is influencer marketing and how can you use it to get the full benefits it can offer? WHAT IS INFLUENCER […]

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Best Marketing Apps for Small Business

Larger enterprises have the luxury of having several hands on deck helping with different aspects like marketing or sales. However, we all know that small business owners wear different hats, sometimes all of the hats. In order to streamline processes for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners here is a list of free easy to […]

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6 Free Tools To Improve Your Marketing

Marketing tools can be expensive, so when you find a good one that works and it’s free you’ve really hit the jackpot. These are some favorite tools that will help you to improve your marketing without breaking the bank! Buffer If you use social media as part of your marketing strategy, take control of all […]

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Why You Should be Building Your Own B2B Marketing App

If you didn’t know, Kylie Jenner created an app. It’s called, of course, Kylie Jenner and offers it’s users indispensible updates on the 18-year-old’s “lyfe”, looks, and music choices. Created by Whalerock Digital Media, the app also fashions a live feed, giveaways, and an interactive offline experience. Oh, and according to Apptopia, it reached 1.75 […]

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8 Tips for Crafting Successful Social Media for Your Business

image social media acesse steve renner

Let’s face it: Social media is a business. Ubiquitous “Instagram Celebrities” aside, your social media platforms, when utilized correctly and strategically, can do wonders for your brand. Using social media, entrepreneurs can increase brand recognition through syndicating content and building visibility; improve brand loyalty by engaging with customers; increase conversion opportunities by organically interacting with […]

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