Tech Radar: Self-Driving Cars

Just like home automation, cars are getting smarter as well.  From Google to Tesla, Uber to Nissan, self-driving cars are becoming autonomous with the future as much as anything else. In fact, CES 2017 was full of companies showcasing their autonomous driving plans, with BMW announcing their plan for a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles […]

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Coworking Spaces: The Future of Global Business?

Coworking spaces are starting to become more common throughout major cities, especially in places that are considered tech hubs, or that are home to many small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. COCO (Minneapolis/St Paul) COCO has five locations throughout the twin cities, and is part of LexC, a network of coworking spaces throughout the US. Offering […]

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Instant Translation Technology

Have you ever wished you could translate something you’re reading immediately as you are reading it without having to type or copy and paste a phrase into Google Translate? Now you can, by simply pointing your phone at the page and using the Google Translate app.  The app can translate over 103 languages, and most […]

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