Tech Radar: The 2018 Winter Olympics

For many years, the Olympics have a venue to showcase brand new and exciting technology and the 2018 WInter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea are no different. From robotics to virtual reality, there has been a multitude of tech-based headlines coming from the games which started on February 9.

Virtual Reality

Intel has pledged more than 50 hours of live VR programming making these winter games the largest-scale virtual reality event to date. 30 total events will be shot on multiple 180-degree cameras. This, combined with  Intel’s  broadcast partnership with NBC ensures a totally new Olympic experience. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said at CES 2018, “Intel is integrating innovative technology to ensure fans don’t just witness the moment, they experience it.”  A mix of live stream and on-demand content is available in the U.S. through the NBC Sports VR app.


Perhaps one of the most reported technology headlines in PyeongChang is the use of drones. The opening ceremonies featured a record-breaking amount of drones flying together; a whopping fleet of 1,218 lightweight, LED fitted drones created by Intel that produce a light show that can only be described as a performance. Watch the drones in action: 

There are also security drones that will inspect ground and air activity in the area, monitoring with HD and thermal imaging cameras, as well as some with radar technology to watch for unidentified aerial vehicles.


Coverage of Olympic events will be provided to the U.S. by NBC in 4K HDR quality, allowing for a significantly expanded range of colors and contrast seen by viewers. Viewers can also access Olympic events by watching on the NBC Sports app, or by streaming them on platforms that include NBC in their subscriptions.


Team USA’s uniforms feature a heating component that will help to keep athletes warm in the cold climate of PyeongChang. You can read about how the heated uniform works here.  There are also two Dutch speed skaters that are going to be donning the Samsung SmartSuit which calculates different factors that can help increase speeds to win gold. Watch this video to see the SmartSuit in use:


Robots can be seen around the Olympics providing a wide range of services from cleaning to translating. In fact, we’ve seen robots skiing, passing the Olympic torch and serving drinks. See how innovations in robotics are moving forward at the games here.


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