The Affiliate Community Launches Tuesday June 26

Harris Fellman, JV Manager and Steve Renner, Marketing Director are Launching “The Affiliate Community” (TAC). TAC Provides Internet Marketing Training from the Top Iternet Marketers in the World Today on a monthly subscription.

TAC offers an opportunity to “Earn as you Learn” through their “Hybrid Marketing” plan which has a unique “Multi Tier” Affiliate Program, and a VIP program that allows you to actually “Co Brand” your own TAC site.

The Launch is scheduled for Tuesday June 26th at 9am EST.

For More Information, go to:

This announcement is being made available through Internet Marketing Newswatch, AKA – I.M.Newswatch:

If you have experience in Affiliate Marketing, the Affiliate sign up page is:

Steve Renner
Best Selling Author
Internet Marketing Expert

Professional Internet Marketing Training
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  1. This is great. I’ve been waiting for this for a while now!


  1. [...] The TAC Pre-Launch has gone into a new phase. The initial mailings by our JV Partners has brought over 1200 new Members to TAC, including many new Subscribers and VIPs. [...]

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