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The Affiliate Community (TAC) announces….

10 Day Pre-Launch Kickoff on June 14th to 24th

I just got back from Arman Morin’s “Freedom Factor”
seminar in Las Vegas. It was different than what I
expected. I thought it was going to be all about
Internet Marketing, but it turned out to be about
something very different.

The theme of the conference was “Success Leaves Traces”
and we spent 3 days on this concept. I have to tell you
that at first I was a little disappointed, as I was there to
get Arman’s knowledge of Internet Marketing, but halfway
through the first day I was hooked.

Arman’s new direction into Personal Development is great.
It’s about Personal Development as it Relates to Marketing.
I got a lot out of the 3 days, and am still really piecing it all

The one thing that became clear to me is that we are all part
of the Internet Marketing Community. I made some new
friendships, and some new business connections.

The Affiliate Community

Many of you know about my Internet Marketing Training and
Resource site, The Affiliate Community (TAC). Well, that’s
what TAC is all about. It’s a community of like minded people
from around the world who are there to learn and grow their
online business.

We will be going into our 10 Day Pre-Launch on June 14-24.
This is basically a Membership Drive. We are out to get 1,000
new subscribers. But along the way I’m sure we will pick up
some new VIPs.

We have put together a JV team of some very experienced
Internet Marketers, who will be promoting Pre-Launch.

If you are an Experienced Internet Marketer and would like to
be a part of this Launch, then get ahold of me and let me know.

The Promotion is open to all our VIPs. If you are a TAC VIP
then you are already qualified to be part of the JV Promotion.
If you have no idea what I am talking about then I suggest
that you head over to the TAC site and check it out for yourself.
I will be blogging more about this, so stay tuned!

Steve Renner
Best Selling Author
Internet Marketing Expert

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