The Importance of Weekend Mobile Marketing

Mobile can be a cruel world. Apps rise and fall from fame faster than you can say Pokémon Go. In this digital jungle, having the skills and know-how to draw the maximum number of active users, user retention, in-app purchases, and marketing campaigns from your maps and mobile games is detriment to your success.

An unerring part of the equation in mobile marketing is to get your app or mobile game above the hundred app tide or risk drowning. Let’s take a closer looks at who to advertise to, where to advertise, and when to advertise.

First off, take a look at the numbers. Even though people may appear to be on their phones all day every day, there is a big difference in the time of day (and week) people user their mobile devices. Weekends (Saturday being the highest point, Monday being the lowest) are the time of week when people are most active, according to SOOMLA Q1 2016 Mobile Insights Report. An Appsflyer report suggests that installs jump 25% during the weeked for iOS and 6% for Android.

There’s also the importance of which device you choose to market your apps or mobile games. While smartphones are usually used on the go, tablets often stay at home, a more laid-back device. A chart from SOOMLA suggests that while people use their phones more often, they use their tablets longer. So, if you’re looking to dramatically increase your user retention, start a marketing campaign via tablets during the weekend.

Since you’ll have a little downtime on the weekend, why not catch up on some great mobile marketing articles? Remember not to get too cozy. If you need a little refresher on stay productive over the next couple of days, check out my previous article on How Successful People Spend Their Weekends. Share them with coworkers, friends, and family—not only are they informative, but a fun learning experience:

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